Wind Power and hard facts on energy economics and ERoEI

Some interesting articles (and even more interesting reader responses) about wind power in the UK got me thinking about energy subsidies and real energy payback periods or Energy Return on Energy Invested (ERoEI).  Some non-thinking respondents who shouted “cut it off now if it can’t survive without subsidies” seemed to be extremely ill-informed about energy subsidies. Luckily a few people have pointed out that fossil fuels, and nuclear, of course, have long enjoyed massive subsidies.  I’ve started to collate some links to articles and research that provide some properly researched figures on sustainable energy, subsidies and Energy Return on Investment.

Recent UK Wind Power Articles:

THE ENGINEER:   The Wind Knocked Out of Our Sails

THE ENGINEER:  Wind Farm Investment Could Create 600 Jobs in Scotland

Energy Economics Links:

Chris Martenson:  The Crash Course in Economic

Barry Brook:  Burning Energy Questions

Smart Planet:  What EROI Tells us about ROI

Business Green:  IEA Demands End to $409bn a year fossil fuel subsidies

Ernst & Young:  Financing Offshore – Where we are Now and Where we are Heading

Dr Tim Morgan for Tullett Prebon:  Money is Energy – an Exponential Economics Primer

International Energy Agency (IEA):  International Energy Statistics
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