Cambridge Sustainability Lectures

Cambridge Sustainability Lectures

We’re coming to the end of the 10th Annual Lecture Series in Sustainable Development 2012 at the University of Cambridge Engineering Department  Regrettably, I’ve only managed to catch the last three lectures. They were inspiring, depressing and hope-inducing all at the same time. Getting your head around the paradoxes and complexities involved, and the fundamental shift in thought as well as action that is necessary – whether it be the social “software” Jonathon Porritt discusses, which needs to be reconfigured in order to give meaning and effect to the sustainability “hardware”;  Dr Vandana Shiva’s discussion of the skewed perception and disconnect between earth, household and market economies and the central role of biodiversity; or Professor Randers’ condemnation of silo thinking and “political short-termism” in parliamentary systems – is a true challenge.

29th February
Sustainable capitalism: if not now, when?
Jonathon Porritt CBE

Read my summary of Jonathon Porritt’s lecture

7th March
Making peace with the Earth
Dr Vandana Shiva (Navdanya International, India; International Forum on Globalisation)

Read my summary of Dr Shiva’s lecture

14th March
The Next 40 Years
Professor Jorgen Randers (Professor of Climate Studies at the Norwegian Business School)


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